Poems from Joanne Fairies

Email Sorrow

bygone era, a letter inked
entrusted to carriage delivery
death dispensed months ago
memory on crinkled linen

today, computer’s somber ding alert
press delete, but permanent file
forever etched on hard drive

my brain           my heart



Averted eyes

avoid engagement
inner thoughts, emotions roil

push the button on a hot tub
it whirs, gurgles
once placid pool turbulent

she looks up, lips parted
words close to overflow
he strides from the room
back to her, oblivious

like the spa timeout
final burble

she exhales

Joanne Faries, originally from the Philadelphia area, lives in Texas with her husband Ray. Published in Doorknobs & Bodypaint, Off the Coast, Orange Room Review, and River Poets Journal, she also has stories and poems in Shine magazine, A Long Story Short, Up the Staircase, and Freckles to Wrinkles. Joanne is the film critic for the Little Paper of San Saba.   http://word-splash-joannefaries.blogspot.com

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