Poems by BZ Niditch

( for Elizabeth Bishop

My shadow
in yours
as it yields
to awareness
of your long spell
at day’s end
here by evergreen
a thousand years old
by a deafening guitar
on parched grass
sharing with students
a timeless memory
when you returned
dazzled from Brazil
with new bubbling images
flinched by camoflaged cold
in a white kerchiefed dawn
by snow gardens
on Cambridge Common
with nothing but song
between us.




Not denying
the darkness
nor forgetting
the day
you parted
like violets
on a bedside vase
letting go
by sunlit water
lapping breath
of an uncoiled past,
as cabin fever
removes the coldness
of disbelief,
we opened up
the linen closet
of a recoverable past,
a screen of colors
to embrace.

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