Four poems by Marisa Silva-Dunbar

What you can’t keep I. If he wants you gone, you’ve been a grey lady before— you’ve been the ghost in other people’s bones. Become a whisper that echos at sunrise, a reminder of when he left. (you should’ve known better anyway.) II. And isn’t it better if he stays gone? You’ve been growing these... Continue Reading →


A new anhedonia by Stuart Buck

A new anhedonia my first real kiss was with a man I did not know who took his pants down while I cried and held me up against the wall behind the shops I was nine and I felt him against me as he taught me my body was for giving to whoever was saddest... Continue Reading →

Two poems by Nadia Davi

Unauthorized, or “Any number above zero is too many,” she says There was the party my stepbrother threw the night his mom was at a conference and his friend who went looking for his “lost car keys” in my bed at 3 a.m. There was my second and last night working at a restaurant for... Continue Reading →

Two poems from Tom Snarsky

Maddening Indigo Love, like god, is the only thing With total power to squash All doubts that arise about It, so long as it continues To show itself through time And not retreat into some Overwhelming cave, where Thought or human feeling dare Not enter. Break a leg and Bring garlic for the vampires. When... Continue Reading →

Two poems from Don Kloss

From Sonora to M31 Near midnight After I slid cards into the mail box I stood on the sidewalk Looked up at the sky Not since nights spent years ago On a Mexican desert ranch Have the heavens looked so clear The planets and stars Such brilliant pin points There was a temporary calm A... Continue Reading →

Two poems from Kristin Garth

The Sound of Sadness The sound of sadness is The Graduate soundtrack relentlessly repeated via your inadequate bedroom door. I know its allegories, their creep still deep in me, as once was he. What virgins do, these songs made into hymns you're memorizing, not a thing to do with me at all. Belonged to me... Continue Reading →

Two poems from Kendall A. Bell

Most days, I am a museum of things I want to forget (after E.E. Scott) On this wall, a canvas with pasted, yellow cornered pictures of a boy who sat by himself in classrooms. A mantle with a broken soccer trophy next to an open folder holding three certificates from a poetry contest. A pair... Continue Reading →

Two poems from Holly Day

What Keeps Me Awake He’s not even out of the house yet, and I’m imagining him dying in some sort of post-nuclear firestorm, or struggling against a mugger forgetting to eat. He’s not even stepped out on his own and I’m already imagining he’s discovered heavy drinking or he can’t sleep in his new home... Continue Reading →

New work coming in March!

Hey there, Adelina here. Nastia and I are rebooting Work to a calm for 2018, and we're not having set issues anymore, as we haven't been getting enough submissions to be able to have full issues. We will keep all of our past issues here for you to read, but now, we'll be posting any... Continue Reading →

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