Three poems by Kendall A. Bell

How to be quiet about your sadness Keep it hushed under your thick, graysweatshirt, tell it not to move amuscle. Bury it behind bloodshot eyes.Force it down your throat, its fingersclawing back up in measured motion.Keep it walled inside your ribcageprison—in solitary confinement. Lieyourself into hopefulness. See how itimmolates without a match, with hardlya spark.... Continue Reading →

Something You Take Instead Of A Pill by Kristin Garth

Something You Take Instead Of A Pill I learn very young to hold myself stillno matter the clatter around me, whatis broken by an anger which fillsmy hollows at night. Keeping eyes shutas if it keeps me out of your sight.Fingernails digging into shivering thighs,wet with what drips from squinched tightminiature eyes you won’t empathizewith... Continue Reading →

Two poems by Marisa Silva-Dunbar

My friend says I am going through a rough patch, when I tell her my uncle is dying of brain cancer.End of conversation. Dismissed. Do not seek comfort here. She has known misery, but there are no offeringsof solace. No marigolds nor waffles for this altar—She will not hear me. She won’t see me. The... Continue Reading →

For real, this time!

Work to a calm is back! There were a few bumps when we intended to reboot last year, and Nastia has taken leave for now, so I'm here to steer the ship, if you will. Our email is the same: so send me your confessional poems. The guidelines are the same, and I really... Continue Reading →

We’re back!

Hi everyone! We feel like the time is right to get back on the horse and get to publishing tremendous confessional poetry once again. Our email is the same: so send us 3-5 poems in the body of an email (no attachments, please) and show us what you've got! We can't wait to read... Continue Reading →

Please read!

Due to dwindling submissions, we have made the decision to go on hiatus indefinitely. We are not closing down just yet, but we will not be reading submissions right now. We hope to regroup and reopen to submissions some time this year, however, there is no timetable for it currently. If the decision to close... Continue Reading →

Three poems by Kristine Brown

Audacity before I discard my sweater and jeans to treat you to this panty-less apron, lacy and low down the sternum and pointless, as it bares all— I want to know how long ago you told her, “You are perfect.” what it was she did, back to the frantic lights that speckle the street like... Continue Reading →

Two poems by Jennifer Wilson

will has no meaning when no one cares what you want the woman won't so they restrain her her wrists being nothing more than stones held under tongue and tasteless she makes nothing more human than a man might imagine her to be prostrate and dishevelled on his bed   (14, not a woman) he... Continue Reading →

Four poems by Wanda Deglane

messy this body has never been a body but a constant struggle. I split it clean down the middle and grapple with the idea that I exist, with the urge to make it stop. my insides are oil pastels perpetually melting— I assess the damage, try to remember this is somehow a thing I own,... Continue Reading →

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