Poems by Malkeet Kaur

Tolstoy Woman

I have reached an impasse
despite my umbilical faith.
There’s only one lifetime, I fear,
and now I feel like one of those
Tolstoy women,
Buried in my blurred edges,
The far away porcelain Renoir;
from within, wrinkled like a fig.

Reaching An Apogee

The overlapped perceptions swirl into oblivion-
Puffs of idleness in the
Intellectual marketplace
That reeks of rotting fish and cabbage.

No smoke left in the bankrupt within.
I walk in a procession of hunchbacks
To the rhythms of the mob

As a cat’s eye-
Blind to the blaze that once charred
The crisp white sheet,
A brain fever that
Left me awake and hyperventilating
Within the entangled ellipses,

Eclipsed and lifeless now.

Malkeet Kaur hails from Mumbai, India. She loves working as a teacher and scribbling her heart felt emotions as verses.Many of her poems have got published in online journals and anthologies. 

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